How to Remove a Mirror on a Ford

New Ford Fiesta image by zimous from

Ford utilises two different rearview mirrors in late model vehicles. One mirror is a standard mirror that does not have a built-in electric compass, and the other has an electric connector that powers a digital compass. Aside from the electrical connector, the process for removing both mirrors is the same.

You need just one tool and a few minutes of time to complete the change.

Push the mirror lens upward so the mirror faces the roof of your Ford. This makes it easier to reach the base of the mirror that bolts to the windshield.

Locate the wiring harness at the base of the mirror. If your mirror does not have a built-in electronic compass, it does not have a wiring harness so you can skip this step. The wiring harness is white and rests just above the base of the mirror, against the windshield. Disconnect the two connectors that comprise the harness by pushing in on the one small locking tab in the centre of the harness that holds the two connectors together, and then by pulling the connectors apart to disconnect the mirror from the electrical system.

Remove the bolt that secures the base of the mirror to the metal button glued to the windshield with a Torx driver. A Torx driver looks like a screwdriver but has an eight-pointed star head. You can get a Torx driver at your local hardware store.

Slide the base of the mirror upward to remove it from the metal button glued to the Ford's windshield.