How to buy canned goods in bulk

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Canned foods often have a shelf life of one to two years. Because canned foods last a long time, they can be purchased in bulk. This type of buying can have several benefits. It will result in less trips to the grocery store, which puts some gas money back in your pocket.

Buying canned foods in bulk will also ensure that you don't run out of a particular item when you are ready to cook your favourite recipe. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when purchasing canned goods in bulk.

Look through your local grocery stores' sales circulars to find canned goods on sale. It is best to buy the canned goods when you can get them at a discount.

Compare the sale price of the canned goods at your local grocery store to the regular price at a wholesale club. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy canned goods in bulk at a wholesale club at their regular price.

Determine how many cans you need of each particular item. For example, if you serve canned peas once per week and you want to stock three months worth in your pantry, you would need to purchase about 12 cans.

Examine the cans for any dents, bulges, or rust stains before you put them in your cart. Do not buy any cans that are out of shape or have a punctured seal.

If you want to buy larger quantities, contact a canned foods wholesaler. Most wholesalers do not have price sheets available online, so you will need to use their contact form to inquire about purchasing from them. Be aware that wholesalers often have a minimum purchase requirement, so make sure you are willing to buy the amount of cans needed to meet the requirement. Many wholesalers also sell the canned goods in large cans. You will, however, receive a nice discount per can because compared with retail.

Consider purchasing bulk canned goods from a restaurant supplier. However, many restaurant suppliers only sell canned goods to businesses and not to individuals.A restaurant supplier will sell canned goods by the case, so make sure you know how many cans are in each case before you place an order.