How to Change the Price on a Vending Machine

bryanregan/iStock/Getty Images

There are many different brands and types of vending machines, but every machine requires similar actions to change the prices of products inside. The most common machine is called a bubble front, which is bowed out and usually has a brand name or photo of a bottle on the front.

Bubble fronts are manufactured by both Vendo and Dixie-Narco. BevMax, a newer style machine by Dixie-Narco, has a clear glass front.

Obtain the vending machine key to change the prices from the inside of the machine. If you don't have the key, contact the manufacturer to request a replacement, along with a new owners manual if you need one.

Make sure the vending machine is plugged in.

Open the door of the vending machine.

Press the "Mode" button inside the door of the bubble front machine three times. The display will say "Cost" on the front of the Vendo machine and "S/P," or Set Price, on the Dixie-Narco. On the BevMax, press the "Mode" button once, then press the front selection button number "7" and then the asterick symbol, "*."

Push and hold the button corresponding to the first item price you want to change on the bubble front. The current price will show up on the LED display. On the BevMax, "0.00" will show up on the LED display. Enter the new price amount on the key pad. For example, 125 for 80p. The price will show up on the front LED display.

Let go of the button on the bubble front, and then depress and hold it again. The price will increase in 0.05 cent increments. Each time you let go of the button and depress it again, the direction of pricing, higher or lower, will change. Wherever you stop for the selection is where it will stay. On the BevMax, enter every selection you want re-priced at that price. For example: A1, A2, A3.

Repeat with each item requiring a price change.

Close the door and check the pricing by pressing the button for each item changed.