Instructions for Folding a Pop-Up Toilet Tent

Narrow, upright, pop-up tents can be used for privacy while camping, to house portable camping toilets, as changing rooms, or for solar camping showers. They are extremely easy to set up but can be frustrating to fold and pack away.

Read these instructions, refer to the more technical, written ones that came with your particular tent; and most importantly; watch the videos listed in the reference section, and you should be all set. Practice at home before you go!

Flatten the tent, fold it over, and lay it flat on the ground. Stand at the top of the tent (the narrower, rounder end). Grasp the top of the tent with one hand on each side, on the curvy part of the tent top. Start to push the top of the tent gently against your waist, using your body to hold it while letting the lower part of the tent touch the ground away from you.

Begin to raise your arms up slightly, pushing the tent top in toward your body and down. Your hands will be up near your ribs, slightly higher than the tent top, which is still at your waist. The bottom of the tent will be touching, or nearly touching, the ground, drooping from its weight.. Let the tent arch up from your waist to your raised hands, which are now nearing your chest, and then down again where the majority of it droops toward the ground.

Bring your hands together so they're almost touching each other while pulling your hands in toward your body like you're going to touch both hands to your heart. Take a couple of steps toward the bottom of the tent so that now your feet are by the bottom of the tent which has started to curve under. The tent should now look more like a crescent moon, with the bottom on the ground, the middle curving away from you then passing through your hands and the top next to your body.

Let one hand be on top so that it's side of the tent overlaps the other hand's side. At the same time, reach down with your arms toward the ground to collapse the tent on itself so that the tent sides, one in each hand, are going one under the other, and this whole part is collapsing over the other parts of the tent which have curled in while you are doing all of this.

Tidy the tent. It should now be in a circle/oval shape and staying together pretty well. Tuck the loose fabric in where needed and pack the whole thing in its carrying bag. Congratulate yourself for outsmarting the pop-up potty tent and have a nice cool beverage.