How to Draw a Five-Point Star Without a Protractor

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Five-pointed stars, or pentagrams, are used today to denote all sorts of things. They can be a representation of the stars in the sky, a good grade mark, or a mark that denotes a form of paganism. Protractors are geometrical tools that are used to draw geometrical shapes, like the five-pointed star, so that the star is even and without blemishes. There is another way to draw a five-pointed star that is simpler and less time consuming.

Begin with your lined paper in front of you.

Choose two lines as your guide lines approximately 6 to 10 lines apart, depending on how big you want the star.

Mark them dark with a line drawn by the pencil about a 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 of an inch along the lines.

Line up the ruler at an angle between the two lines.

Draw a line reaching from the top line to the bottom line.

Turn the ruler the other angle, keeping it at about the same angle, aligned with the top line and connected with the line you just drew.

Look at your paper. The lines should look like the beginnings of a triangle.

Position the ruler to draw a line from the bottom left point to another point on the paper that is three or less lines away from the top line, and past the diagonal line you have drawn.

Repeat in a mirrored fashion on the right side.

Draw a line using the ruler as a straight edge from the tip of the two lines that you just drew to connect them along the line.

Erase the lines in the middle to have a clean star, or leave them.

Darken each line with a permanent marker.

Place the unlined paper on top of the lined paper in alignment with each corner. Staple them together.

Tape the papers to a glass window.

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