How to Stop Amazon Music Downloads

If you find yourself in the process of downloading an MP3 from that you ultimately do not want, you have the option to cancel the download. The Amazon MP3 Downloader offers the choice to pause a download. This, in conjunction with the small window of opportunity to resume the download, will cancel the process before the file is saved to your computer. Be sure that this is the course of action you want to take, however, as a cancelled Amazon MP3 download can not be undone.

Open the Amazon MP3 Downloader on your screen. Seeing as you are mid-download, it should already be open, but if it is minimised or running in the background, you will need to bring it to the front of the screen.

Click the "Pause Downloads" button on the top of the screen. It is below a circular symbol with two parallel vertical lines in the centre. The download will stop immediately.

Close the Amazon MP3 Downloader. MP3 downloads are only good for a three-hour period. If the download is not resumed by then, it will be cancelled and cleared from the queue in the Amazon MP3 Downloader.

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