How to Replace a Mop Head

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Replace a tattered mop head to get faster floor cleaning with less effort. Many mop heads fall apart and become less effective after just a few months of regular use. New replacement mop heads hold more cleaning liquids and cover ground faster.

Mops with replaceable heads have adjustable fasteners to quickly release the old head and accommodate the new.

Wring the moisture out the old mop head. Turn the mop upside down. Rest the end of the handle on the floor.

Access the release bracket or knob. Divide the strands of a string mop head in half along the seam to get to the wing nut or other fastener. Sponge mops generally have a head release bracket on the topside of the sponge.

Loosen the fastener holding the old mop head bracket together. Take note of how the mop head is positioned in the bracket. Spread the bracket until you can remove the worn mop head.

Add the new mop head to the end of the mop. Divide string mop head strands in half along the seam and align the seam with the length of the bracket. Insert the new sponge mop head in the same position as the one you removed.

Tighten the wing nut, bolt or other fastener that secures the new mop head. Flip the mop so the new head is on the ground. Soak the new mop head thoroughly before its first use.