How to dissolve an aspirin in water or soda

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Dissolving aspirin in water or soda creates a suspension that alleviates pain and makes the aspirin easier to swallow. Normal aspirin will semi-dissolve in warm water or warm soda but will leave a white silt on the bottom of the cup if the solution sits idle for a short time. Using a water-soluble aspirin in place of standard aspirin will ensure the pills dissolve completely in the fluid.

Drop a water-soluble aspirin into a cup.

Fill the cup with 236ml of room temperature water or soda. Allow the aspirin to dissolve for one to two minutes.

Aid the dissolving process by stirring the solution with a stir stick. Stop stirring every 20 to 30 seconds. Look at the bottom of the cup. Continue stirring if you see any remaining particles in the bottom of the cup.

Add an additional aspirin if required. Repeat the process to dissolve and mix the aspirin.

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