How to Preset Stations on a Pure Digital DAB Radio

The Pure Digital DAB Radio is a hand-held radio device that can pick up FM frequencies as well as digital audio band frequencies that are popular in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Pure Digital Radio features a digital screen that allows you to get information on the music you are listening to, and a navigation button at the bottom of the radio that allows you to search through stations and change settings on the device. Using the radio's buttons, you can program several preset stations into the memory, allowing you to get to your favourite music faster.

Move the lock switch to the left to unlock the Pure Digital DAB radio. When it is unlocked, push the "Power" button to turn on your radio.

Press the "DAB/FM" button on the front of the radio to choose between the DAB and FM radio bands. You can set up to 10 preset stations on both bands. Select the appropriate band for the station or stations you want to preset to the device.

Press the "Preset" button located on the left side of the front of the device. This will enter the preset mode. You have 30 seconds to navigate to the station you want to save to the radio's memory before the device will exit preset mode.

Push the left and right buttons on the five-way navigation button on the centre of the radio to search through available stations on the band you have selected. Use the digital screen to see what frequency you are currently on. When you reach the frequency you want to program and hear the station you want, stop.

Hold down the centre button on the five-way navigator for three seconds. Do not let go until three seconds have passed. Then press and hold down the "Preset" button for three seconds, making sure not to let go prematurely. Your station is now programmed into the device.

Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for each radio station you want to preset for the band you are currently using. When you are finished with this band, push the "DAB/FM" button to switch to the other band and repeat the process to program up to 10 preset stations on that band. When finished, push the "Preset" button and then navigate left and right to switch between your preset stations.