How to Use Cruise Control in a Chrysler Voyager

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Chrysler's Voyager is a popular choice among car shoppers looking for an American-made minivan. Different models may have different configurations of the cruise control feature, but all are simple to operate and in easy reach of the driver's seat.

Turn on the cruise control while the vehicle is running. Many versions of the Chrysler Voyager featured steering wheel-mounted cruise control options and some were dash mounted. Both have a simple "On" and "Off" switch or button.

Press or select the "Set" button once you reach your desired speed. This will hold the Voyager at a constant speed.

Press the brake pedal or select "Coast" to disengage the cruise control. Once the "Coast" button is released, the cruise control will re-engage and hold the vehicle at its current speed. If the brake pedal was depressed you will need to press the "Set" button again to set the cruise control to maintain the new speed. You may also press the "Resume" button if you desire the original speed held before depressing the brake.

Press the "Accelerate" or "+" button or switch to increase the Voyager's speed. Once the desired faster speed has been reached, simply let go of the "Accelerate" button and the cruise control will re-engage and hold the vehicle at the new speed.

Press the "Off" button to disengage the cruise control. This step is not necessary if the Chrysler Voyager's ignition is turned off; this will automatically turn off the cruise control.

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