How to Program an Orion TV Without a Remote

Without a doubt, televisions are one of the best pieces of technology ever created. One tool that we overlook on a daily basis is the TV remote. Without the remote, a lot of us would be lost. Remotes help us with a variety of television functions. What happens when the remote is misplaced?

All television sets come with buttons, to assist in programming, in the unfortunate event of the remote getting misplaced. Depending on which Orion TV you have, the buttons will either be on the bottom or bottom left or right side of the TV.

Press the "MENU" button to display the menu screen.

Scroll through the menu choices using the "CHANNEL UP" and "CHANNEL DOWN" buttons.

Choose "Picture," "Audio," "Channel," "Lock" or "Setup" from the menu. The "VOLUME +/--" buttons and "INPUT/ENTER" button can be used to select the desired settings during the menu screen operations.

Exit the menu by pressing the "INPUT/ENTER" button.