The Check Engine Light Won't Go Off on My VW New Beetle

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The "Check Engine" light in a new Volkswagen Beetle comes on when the car's computer detects a problem with the vehicle. The problems that cause this light come on can be relatively minor or very severe. If the "Check Engine" light has come on in your new Beetle, it means there is a problem with the car that needs to be addressed by a mechanic.

The "Check Engine" light on your VW is a catch-all kind of warning system. If there is a problem in your VW and the car's computer senses it, it will trigger the light. It is often triggered by malfunctioning sensors, but can also come on due to actual phyiscal problems with the motor or related componants. Motor issues that trigger the check engine light include compression issues or failed parts.

Take the Beetle to an automotive business that offers diagnosis using a vehicle error code reader. Many auto parts stores will scan vehicles with their code scaners for free. The code reader scans the Beetle's computer and identifies the issue fault codes with the car that have caused the light to appear. According to the AA1Car website, you can only reset the light by erasing the error codes with the code scanner.

Research the error codes and determine what they mean, using the two websites in "Resources" below as a starting point. You may need to have a diagnostic book that goes with the scanner to identify what problems are triggering the check engine light. Also, be aware that multiple error codes may appear. One or all of the issues may need repair before the light will turn off.

Take the Beetle to a mechanic and have the mechanic repair the problems and reset the computer to erase the error codes that are making your check engine light come on. Once the problem has been repaired, the car should not re-trigger the error messages. However, be aware that another problem may occur at a later time and cause the light to come back on.

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