How to remove the radio in an rx8

The Mazda RX8 is the descendant of the RX7, which was launched in mid-1978. From the beginning it was a favourite of the American public. With sleek styling, a smooth running engine and great features, the RX8 is just plain fun. However, if there is a fault with the RX8, it would have to be the oddly shaped radio.

Upgrading the radio is a common task for mechanics and do-it-yourself Mazda enthusiasts.

Park your RX8 on a flat service. Turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position. Set the parking brake.

Open the bonnet and disconnect the battery cables.

Turn the shift knob to the left to unscrew and remove it. Slide the centre console back away from cup holders as far as it will go. Wiggle and pull out the small piece of plastic in the top-right corner.

Place your fingers in the hole where the plastic piece was located. Lift up the panel over the shift box and disconnect the cables.

Open the ashtray. Unscrew the two screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the ashtray out and set aside, leaving the cables attached.

Pull down the black plastic panel under the steering wheel. Unscrew the hidden lock bolt under the steering column using a 10-mm socket or wrench. It is a single bolt, not the two screws that are together. The lock bolt will be up and under the column and may take a combination of extensions for your socket wrench to reach.

Remove the two inner screws beneath the radio in the ashtray area. Pull the radio out slowly from below the dashboard, about one to two inches.

Unplug the stereo harness. Unplug the antenna. Remove the stereo.