How to Run Multiple Macros at the Same Time in Excel

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

If you have created an Excel worksheet that uses a lot of macros, then you may wish to run multiple macros at the same time. Macros save time by automating tasks and performing them automatically at the click of a button. In Excel, you can use a certain macro function to run multiple macros at the same time.

This is the "call" function. Using call, you can create a master macro that will run all of your other required macros.

Click "Start" > "All Programs" > "Microsoft Excel." Click "File" > "Open," then locate and open the Excel worksheet that contains multiple macros.

Click "Tools" > "Macro" > "Record New Macro." Enter a name such as "master" and click "OK." Click the "Stop" button right away. Click "Tools" > "Macro" > "Macros." Click "Master" > "Edit." This launches the Visual Basic Editor.

Type "Call Macro1" inside the "Sub" and "End Sub" commands, then press "Enter." Type "Call Macro2," then press Enter." Repeat this for all the macros that you want to run simultaneously. Replace "Macro1" and "Macro2" with the names of the macros that you wish to run at the same time.

Close the Visual Basic Editor. It will ask whether you want to save your macro. Click "Yes." When you run the "master" macro, it will now run all other macros specified in Visual Basic.