How to Stick Photos to a Cork Board Without Using Thumbtacks

Nick White/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Filling a cork board with pictures of friends, family and beautiful scenes from nature can create a more cosy environment in your work or home office. The only problem is trying to attach the pictures to the cork board without having to puncture the pictures with tacks. Don't worry, though, you can attach pictures to a cork board without putting holes through them. You just need a few inexpensive supplies from the craft store.

Cut a length of foam tape as long as the binder clip is wide. Cut the strip of tape in half lengthwise so you have two skinny strips of foam tape as long as the width of the clip.

Adhere the strips on the inside of both sides of the binder clip, where the clip pinches together. This creates a buffer between the pinch of the clip and your photo to prevent indentations.

Open the binder clip. Slide it over the edge of the cork board if your board doesn't have a frame. Slide the photo in the clip before closing it.

Or peel the backing from each half of self-adhesive fastener tape circles. Adhere one half of the pair onto the binder clip and the other half onto the cork board or its frame. Open the binder clip. Slide a picture in. Close the clip. Stick it to the other half of the fastener tape pair.

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