How to Custom Mold Automotive Carpet

Most automotive carpet kits come pre-moulded to fit a specific make, model and year of vehicle. Some automotive carpet can be purchased without a particular vehicle in mind. This carpet can be used on unusual models or on automobiles where no pre-moulded kit can be found. The carpet can then be moulded to fit the floor of the vehicle just as well as a pre-moulded carpet. Once the seats and old carpet are removed, the carpet can be custom moulded to fit the vehicle's floor.

Place the new carpet on the floor of your vehicle. Spread it out to make sure the piece of carpet is large enough to fit the floor. Use scissors to trim any excess carpet so that it fits properly.

Pick up one side of the carpet and expose the underside. Use a heat gun to apply heat to the underside of the carpet, holding the heat gun six to 10 inches from the surface. Once the carpet is heated, lay it in place and smooth it with your hands so that it conforms with the floor of the car. Continue to lift areas of the carpet and heating them until the entire carpet has been heated and placed correctly. Allow the carpet to sit like this for one hour.

Use a utility knife to cut small holes into the carpet where the bolts for the seats will go. Once the holes are cut, lift up one side of the carpet and fold it over. Place carpet glue on the underside of the carpet and lay it back into place, pressing it with your hands so that it sticks to the floor of the vehicle. Repeat this on the other side so that the entire carpet is glued to the floor.

Replace the seats in the vehicle and install the bolts. The carpet should look like a factory original carpet and mould to the floor as a factory carpet would.

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