How to get rid of a nicotine smell

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The distinct smell of nicotine permeates everything that comes into contact with cigarette smoke. Furniture obtained from a smoker often stinks so badly of nicotine that it becomes unusable. Cigarettes smoked inside a house leave a smelly layer of yellow over the walls.

Ridding the walls of the yellow colour can take a paint overhaul. Ridding the smell of nicotine is easier.

Clean the source of the nicotine smell. Tiny smoke particles get into the smallest crevices of furniture. Shampoo or steam clean upholstery and carpets. Dry clean the drapes. Use an appropriate wood cleaner for all wood surfaces. Use a mild detergent to clean painted walls.

Use baking soda to remove nicotine odour from upholstered furniture. Sprinkle the baking soda directly on the piece of furniture or carpet. Keep the baking soda on the item for three hours. Vacuum to remove.

Place a bowl of vinegar near the source of the nicotine smell. Vinegar neutralises the nicotine compound to eliminate the odour. To remove nicotine odour from a car's interior, pour an inch of vinegar into a plastic bowl. Put the bowl in the car and let it sit overnight. Repeat nightly for a week. To remove cigarette odour seeped into a piano, put a 1/2 cup of vinegar in a glass bowl and set it under the piano. Keep it there until the nicotine odour disappears. A bowl of vinegar left in a room removes nicotine smell from the floors and wall.