How to send international postcards

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Keeping in touch has never been easier with mail, e-mail, instant messaging or other communication channels. Even with all the new technologies allowing people to communicate, the old fashioned postcard is still a popular way to say hello. People can send postcards across the United States or across the world.

When sending a postcard internationally, you will find that certain rules and postage rates will apply.

Select a postcard to mail, making sure that it meets the USPS size standards. Postcards are supposed to be between 3-1/2 to 4-1/4 inches high by five to six inches long.

Write out your postcard, leaving the address area clear.

Address the postcard using the recipient's mailing address, with the recipient's name on the first line and the street address on the second line. Place the postcode in front of the recipient's city on one line together beneath the street address.

Write the name of the destination country in all capital letters as the last line of the address, below the postcode and city.

Calculate the postage required for the postcard. You can calculate postage at the third link under "References." Select the destination country and select "Postcard" for the item's shape. Click "Continue" to see the postage required.

Place stamps with the correct postage on the postcard or take the postcard to a post office and purchase the correct postage, and drop the postcard in the mail.