How to Remove Evo-Stik From Concrete Floors

Concrete floors serve as reliable and resilient subsurfaces for tiling installations, generally requiring little more than a cleaning to be prepared for the installation process. The Bostik chemical company produces Evo-Stik, a tile adhesive and grout product designed specifically for concrete installations.

This product is designed to secure and seal tile to the surface, so spillage or accidental application can result in a sticky situation.

Wear protective gloves and goggles when working with Evo-Stik adhesive. Ventilate your work area by opening windows or activating exhaust fans. The adhesive itself, as well as the solvent used to clean it, can produce strong odours and skin irriation.

Vacuum still-wet adhesive from the floor with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. You can also lay down absorbent solid material, such as kitty litter, and allow it to soak up the adhesive before vacuuming. This will allow for removal of the majority of moist spills.

Use a razor scraper to chip away as much dried adhesive as possible. Evo-Stik that has not cured completely may still come away from the surface with scraping alone.

Moisten a rag or sponge with Evo-Stik Adhesive Remover, available through the Bostik company. Rub the stained area with the remover and allow it to work on the surface for five minutes.

Scrape away newly loosened adhesive. Repeat remover application and scrubbing until all adhesive is removed.