How to Adjust an Outdoor Antenna to Receive TV Signals

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The alignment and position of your outdoor television antenna can make the difference between a strong digital-television signal and no TV signal at all.

Digital-television video drops out completely when signal strength falls below a certain level, so accurate antenna alignment is essential for satisfactory TV reception.

Mount your antenna above the roofline with an unobstructed view toward the television transmitter. Find out the correct direction of the TV transmitter from your location with an "antenna pointer" television-reception website.

The easiest and most accurate way to align your television antenna is with a digital-television signal meter.

Disconnect all television-receiving equipment from the AC power supply.

Access your antenna safely with a ladder, steps or a raised platform.

Find the mast clamp on the television antenna.

Use your wrench or screwdriver to loosen the bolts or screws on the mast clamp by just enough to allow slight rotation of the TV antenna.

Use your compass to find the correct bearing for the TV transmitter.

Attach the digital-television signal meter to the TV antenna, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Gently move the antenna to point in the correct direction.

Monitor the signal strength reading from the signal meter. Slowly adjust the antenna until you get the strongest signal level reading on the meter display.

Secure the antenna in the correct position by tightening the bolts or screws.

Disconnect the television signal meter.