How to make wrap sandwiches for party platters

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Wrap sandwiches are a perfect fit for party platters. You can offer a wide variety of choices to your guests without purchasing a lot of ingredients, and you can easily accommodate limited diets. When choosing your ingredients, keep in mind that your guests will likely mingle and stand as they eat.

so the neater the sandwich wraps the better. Preparing and arranging wrap sandwiches on a party platter is easy. You can get creative by incorporating garnishes into the layout of your platter, or keep them simple and fun.

Decide which types of meats will make the cut. From classic ham or turkey and cheese with mustard or mayonnaise, to tuna, grilled chicken and roasted vegetables, options abound. Include a cheese, mustard and lettuce combination and meatless veggie wraps to offer more variety.

Lay your first batch of soft tortillas on a flat surface.

Spread a thin layer of condiment over the wrap. Depending on the amount of sandwich wraps you're making, you may want to use a different party platter for each type of wrap to avoid confusion and cross contamination for vegetarians. Common choices for condiments include mayonnaise, mustard, honey mustard, baba ghanoush and hummus.

Add a thin layer of lettuce or pickle to the wrap. Sprinkle seasonings like pepper, paprika, oregano or thyme lightly.

Lay the meat of your sandwich wrap in a thin layer over the condiment. Leave the edges clear to keep your wrap neat. If you have multiple layers, like a meat and cheese wrap, make sure there's an even layer of both.

Fold your side edge in. From the opposite side, gently roll the wrap onto itself. Close the top and bottom ends of each tortilla so when you cut them in half the filling doesn't come out of the end.

Once rolled, cut the wrap in half and secure with a toothpick.

Line your platter with a layer of lettuce or purple kale (for colour). You can fan the wraps around the outside of the platter and include olives or pickles for extra garnishment.

Refrigerate until your guests arrive, then direct them to your tasty creations.