How to Use the Datel Remote Nunchuck

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The Nintendo Wii remotes offer wireless motion sensing controls, but the standard Nunchuck accessory is still tethered by a wire. Several third party accessory manufacturers have made it possible to remove this cable by using a wireless Nunchuck controller and a receiver plugged into the Wii remote. Removing the wire between the controller and the Nunchuck can be very advantageous in games requiring a lot big and rapid of movements.

Insert two AAA batteries into the Datel wireless Nunchuck controller.

Plug the receiver into the bottom connector on the Wii controller.

Press the "Sync" button on the Datel Nunchuck controller. The "sync" light will flash on the receiver confirming the Nunchuck has been connected to the Wii controller.

Use the Nunchuck in combination with a Wii controller as normal.

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