How to Donate a Sofa to Charity

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Giving a sofa or other piece of furniture to a family in need means that family won't have to choose between buying home furnishings and buying food, medicine or other bare necessities. You may personally know someone to whom you could give your unwanted furniture, but if you don't, there are many charitable organisations that will accept your old sofa and pass it along to someone in need.

Find a local charity in your area. Some nationally recognised charities are National Furniture Bank Association, Reuse Development Organization, The Salvation Army and Goodwill. Area charities can also be found through local phone books, newspapers, community outreach centres, churches and online.

Inspect the sofa for damage. As a courtesy, be sure the sofa is in good condition. If the sofa is in rough shape, make sure the organisation is aware of any repairs needed. Large rips or tears in the cushions or frame are not acceptable, however, small stains that are not obvious are no problem.

Call the charity and ask if they are in need of the sofa being donated. If that particular charity doesn't have a need for the sofa, call other charitable organisations to see if they will accept it.

Arrange for pickup or drop off of the item. Some charities offer pickup services, but others do not. If the charity does not offer pickup services, ask friends or family to help you deliver the sofa to the charity.

Get a receipt for the item. Donations are tax deductible so keep this receipt for tax time. Receipts are not always given and everything donated is not always tax deductible so ask before making a donation. Donations under £162 are rarely given a receipt. Under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3, there are 28 types of organisations that are eligible for tax exemptions. This should be checked to determine whether a sofa given to a particular charity is tax deductible.

Examine the sofa to check for damage.

Put the sofa on the curb.

Place a "Free" sign on the sofa. This will let people know that the sofa is unwanted and free to anyone who wants it.

Place a few signs with "Free couch" written on them, adding an arrow pointing in the direction of your house, at the end of your street or neighbourhood. This will bring in more traffic to the curb donation.

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