How to Organize a Car Boot Sale

If you have extra items around your home and you would like to make some quick cash, a boot sale may be the solution. Boot sales are popular in the United Kingdom and are growing in popularity in other parts of the world. A boot sale is similar to a garage or yard sale. Instead of selling items from your home, you load the items into your car boot or boot and take them to a public area where they can be are sold. Organising a boot sale with other sellers and advertising the sale can greatly increase public interest.

Look at a calendar and select a date for your boot sale. A Saturday or Sunday sale is often the most convenient for sellers and buyers.

Drive around your community and select a visible location for your sale. Speak with business owners about holding the sale in their car park. Check with your local government regarding permits or other specific requirements related to car boot sales.

Advertise your boot sale to other vendors. Invite only individuals or include commercial vendors and small business owners. Phone your friends and neighbours and invite them to participate in the sale.

Make posters and flyers to advertise your sale. Use markers to create bright, attention getting signs and flyers on poster board and paper. Include the date, time and location of your sale on all posters and flyers.

Distribute the flyers around the sale area. E-mailing the flyers to friends and family helps get the word out. Post the sale information web sites such as Craigslist and local newspapers also increases exposure.

Make a large sign to post on the date of the sale. Organise all sale items neatly for display in your sale area. Secure your cash box in a safe location and have both bills and coins available to make change.

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