How to Install a Bottle Trap for a Bathroom Sink

A bottle trap is part of the drainage system of a bathroom sink. The straight, perpendicular pipes of a bottle trap assembly allow for waste water and gas to be removed from the plumbing so clean water can flow through.

Unlike curved pipes, the construction of a bottle tap does not allow for waste to move as easily, causing more frequent clogging than other kinds of traps. Replacement is often easier than attempting to unclog the trap.

Unscrew the inlet nut from the trap assembly, place the seal inside the nut, then screw it at least 1 inch onto the lavatory tailpiece.

Insert the trap onto the tailpiece below the nut and seal. Position the bottle trap body so the pipe opening is facing the wall. Tighten the inlet nut with your hand or a strap wrench.

Place the nut outlet, seal and ring onto one end of the extension tube with the nut threads pointing toward the opening in the trap body.

Connect the extension pipe to the opening in the trap body and tighten the nut with your hand or a strap wrench.

Slip a seal and the flange onto the other end of the extension tube. Insert the tube onto the drain stub protruding from the wall and position the flange flush to the wall. Check the trap for leaks before resuming use.