How to Unlock a Nokia 6234 Imei

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There are two ways to obtain an unlock code for your Nokia 6234 cell phone. You will need the unlock code to unlock your phone. You can call your current provider and ask for the unlock code. This service is free, but some providers have certain requirements that you must meet before getting the code.

You can also use an online unlock service, the price for which prices varies from £6 to £19. It also takes a little longer to get the code--about 48 hours--and will come through an e-mail. Either one you choose, you will be able to unlock your phone to use however you choose.

Take the battery out of your Nokia 6234 and look in the compartment for the IMEI number for your phone. The number will be on a sticker inside the compartment. Write the IMEI number down for your reference.

Call your current provider and ask for the unlock code for you Nokia 6234. It will ask for the IMEI number and then look up the unlock code. Write the unlock code down for reference.

Get on the Internet if your provider won't give you the IMEI number and navigate to an online unlock service, like or Enter the IMEI number, model, provider and country information for your phone, and the unlock service will send you an e-mail with 48 hours with the unlock code. Write the unlock code down.

Take out the SIM card in your Nokia 6234 and power on your phone. Enter #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1# for every carrier except Rogers/Fido in Canada. For the Rogers/Fido carrier locked phone type in #PW+UNLOCKCODE+7#. Your Nokia 6234 will display "SIM Restriction Off" and your phone will be unlocked.