How to Unlock a Panasonic SC-PT460

The Panasonic SC-PT460 DVD Home Theater Sound System can "lock" in different ways and for various reasons.

After inserting a disc or during playback --- usually if the disc is incompatible or its ratings level exceeds the parental control rating level settings --- the player refuses playback or displays an error message. The disc tray might not open or the control panel stops working. Additionally, situations can occur that make it appear as if the player has locked when it actually hasn't.

Press the "Open/Close" button on the front of your Panasonic SC-PT460 DVD player and remove the disc if you see a disc incompatibility error message, such as "This Disc May Not Be Played In Your Region" or "No Play."

Insert a compatible disc into the disc tray. The "This Disc May Not Be Played In Your Region" message indicates a disc that's incompatible with the region code displayed on the label on the back of your player and the "No Play" message indicates that you're likely dealing with a blank disc or an incompatible format.

Close the disc tray. Select the playback options from the disc menu and press "Play" on the unit or remote control to view the new disc.

Enter your rating level password and follow the on-screen instructions when prompted to view the disc. If the player won't accept the password, eject the disc and remove it from the disc tray.

Reset the unit back to the factory settings to erase the programmed parental control ratings level. Push and hold the "Stop" button on the front of your player and then push the "10" key to the right of "0" on your remote control's keypad until you no longer see "Initialized" on the TV.

Turn off the player. Wait a minute and then turn it back on.

Insert the disc into the disc tray and close the tray. Select playback option and push "Play" to watch your disc.

Unplug your Panasonic SC-PT460 if the disc tray won't open, the control panel buttons stop working or you see "DVDH" or "DVDF" and a number displayed.

Wait five minutes. Plug the player back into the electrical socket.

Attempt the player operation again.