How do I Fireproof Wooden Beams?

Flame of a fire and fire wood in fireplace image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from

Your home is likely your most valuable asset and a fire can start anywhere and at any time. By applying a liquid fire retardant to the structure of your home you can gain peace of mind in the event of a fire that your home will not burn as quickly.

These solutions are made to penetrate the wood and make it less susceptible to total fire destruction.

Calculate the area that you intend to cover with the liquid fireproofing solution. 1 gallon of solution will typically cover 200 square feet depending on how porous the material is.

Pour the liquid fire retardant into the sprayer. Replace the lid, tighten and pump pressure into the unit to make it ready for use. Purchase the liquid fire retardant and spray-applicator system from your local hardware store. The spray applicator is the best way apply the solution to the wood as it allows the liquid to penetrate the smaller pores of the wood.

Hold the applicator tip of the sprayer 12 to 24 inches from the surface of the wood. Apply a generous coat of the liquid fire retardant in a sweeping motion to all sides of the wood beam. The wood must be untreated, clean and free of debris for the application to penetrate the wood properly.

Wait five to 10 minutes for the initial coat to penetrate the wood and reapply the liquid fire retardant to ensure complete coverage.

Allow the treated wood to dry for at least eight hours before painting. This will ensure proper drying and curing of the liquid fire retardant to make it as effective as possible.