How to Ship an Exhaust System

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Vehicle exhaust systems consist of multiple parts. In order to properly ship the entire exhaust system, you will need to ship the components separately to avoid damaging them, being sure to keep your packaging to a reasonable size and weight in order to minimise shipping costs. Packing and shipping a car exhaust can be done relatively quickly. As long as it is packaged properly, the parts should reach your recipient in good condition.

Prepare the exhaust components for packaging. There is a very small market for used car exhausts, so most exhaust systems will be brand new when they are shipped and you should not have to worry about cleaning the parts before shipping them.

Wrap each part in several layers of soft towels to protect them during shipping. Exhaust parts such as the muffler and exhaust manifolds are heavy enough that they may not be fully protected by bubble wrap.

Ship each component of the exhaust system separately to avoid the pieces moving and damaging one another during shipping.

Locate boxes to ship the exhaust in. Found Value recommends shipping long exhaust parts in five-foot long wardrobe boxes. If any of the parts are unusually heavy, you can purchase specially made double-walled shipping boxes that are twice as strong as regular cardboard boxes.

Fill your cardboard boxes with packing peanuts and place each exhaust system part in an individual box. Once you have placed each part into its box, place your packing slip into one of the boxes and then seal the boxes with packing tape.

Ship the exhaust using a shipper that regularly deals with large boxes and heavy items. You may want to check with different shippers for possible discounts or promotions. You also may want to select ground shipping for the exhaust system. Ground shipping is less expensive than air, and exhaust parts often cost more to ship because of their size.

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