How to Remove a Rotten Fence Post From Concrete

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The durability and exceptional strength of wood fence posts make them appropriate choices for agricultural and residential use. While wood fence posts usually last for several years, high moisture content in soil can cause them to rot.

Rotting is also caused by weather exposure, poor water drainage, excessive foliage, leaking plumbing and lawn sprinklers. Since rotten wood posts make fences structurally unstable, they should be removed from concrete and replaced.

Dig semicircular trench around one side of the fence post with a shovel until you reach the concrete. Make the trench 6 inches wide.

Apply the tip of a cold chisel to the concrete and pound the top of the chisel with the hammer. Wear safety glasses and work gloves to protect your eyes and hands. Completely break up the exposed side of the concrete.

Scoop out the loose concrete chunks with the shovel and dump them out of the way. Remove all of the loose debris and gravel from the hole.

Lift and pull the fence post out of the hole. Have another person assist you if the post is difficult to remove. If the post breaks, dig out the remaining section and cement with the shovel.