How to Reset a Squire CP1 Combination Padlock

The Squire CP1 Combination Padlock is a four-dial padlock. It opens after you turn the dials on the padlock to align to match a set combination. The Squire CP1 is a resettable padlock, which means that you can realign the four dials to a new combination at any time. Making the change isn't difficult--Squire has designed the CP1 Combination Padlock with a simple, easy-to-access reset button located inside a hole at the top of the lock body.

Turn the dials on your Squire CP1 Combination Padlock to your current combination. Press the shackle release button on the bottom of the lock body to open the shackle.

Slide the "Reset" button cover on top of the lock body toward the lock face to reveal the hole.

Untwist one wire end of a paper clip out from the paper clip body.

Hold the lock in your nondominant hand. Insert the paper clip wire end into the hole and push in on it gently to press the button. Use the fingers on your nondominant hand to hold both the lock and wire paper clip in place.

Rotate the four dials to align the numbers side-by-side to a new combination number of your choice.

Pull the wire end of the paper clip from the reset hole. Slide the cover back over the hole.

Close the shackle. Rotate the dials out of sequence and pull on the shackle to make certain that it's locked. Realign the dials to the new combination and press the shackle release button to unlock your CP1.

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