How to make money recycling batteries

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Many recycling companies today offer consumers a monetary reward for returning and recycling old electronics and materials. While some materials are generically recycled, other items, such as mobile phones and car batteries, can earn you some spare cash. Using the Internet you can compare the worth of your recyclable items and also set up to recycle right from your computer. Every city and region varies with recycling rules, regulations and even monetary rewards, so it's best to do your research.

Call your local recycling plants. Enquire about recycling batteries and which kinds they will accept. You can also ask about the worth of the batteries. Many local recycling plants will only pay for car batteries and in some cases, mobile phone batteries -- so it's best to find out before making the trip.

Use the Internet to compare prices on the batteries you want to recycle if your local recycling plant offers you no direction or solutions. Use popular recycling websites that offer Web solutions as well as local information.

Browse an electronic-device recycling website to compare your prices or to set up a recycling account and begin earning cash. These websites are available for free and offer different amounts for various electronic devices.

Search the web site for the specific type and brand of batteries you are attempting to recycle to compare cash worth and if it is possible to recycle them.

Sign up on the Web site if it requires you to have a membership, as these are usually free.

Follow the website's on-screen instructions and guide for recycling and earning cash through the website. Each website's rules and guidelines vary, so read thoroughly and carefully to understand the terms and conditions when recycling. Once you locate the product you want to recycle, follow the website's steps for receiving the shipping boxes to send to the company. Most of the time, this will add no additional cost to you and all of the shipping costs will be covered by the company. Submit for your boxes to ship back to the company with your batteries to receive your cash.

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