How to Install a Scooter Battery

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Replacing a battery on a scooter can be a simple task, providing that you have an understanding of basic electrical skills. Unfortunately, most scooters conceal their batteries under their plastic skins. While the battery's whereabouts are listed in their owner's manuals, most used scooters are sold without the manual. This leaves the new owner to play hide and seek in order to find the battery. Luckily, finding and replacing the battery is very easy.

Locate the scooter's battery compartment. On most scooters, the battery will be housed in a tray mounted under the seat or in a compartment beneath the floor board. If the battery is housed under the floorboard, remove the battery panel with a Phillips screwdriver.

Disconnect the wire leads that connect the scooter's wiring to the battery's terminals. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws, starting with the negative (-) terminal first followed by the positive (+) terminal. Pull the old battery out of the compartment or tray. Take note of the orientation of the original battery.

Insert the new battery into the tray or compartment, orienting it in the same direction as the original battery. Use a Phillips screwdriver to connect the wiring leads to the battery's terminals, starting with the positive (+) lead followed by the negative (-) lead.

Replace the battery cover panel or close the seat.

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