How to Disassemble an X-Pole

The X-Pole is ideal for dancers because it is totally portable. It can provide fun and exercise. It can be assembled and disassembled easily within minutes. This makes it ideal for professionals as well as home users. The design of the pole is such that a lot of tools are not needed for taking it apart and neither is a lot of strength.

Unscrew the nut at the top of the pole. This unlocks the X-Pole.

Loosen the adjuster rod and screw it back into the pole. The adjuster rod is what holds the pole in place during use. Make use of the release tool for any loosening that is required.

Remove the pole support dome from the ceiling.

Tilt the pole away from the ceiling and gradually pull it down to the floor.

Loosen pole A and pole B. Together they form the main single pole. They are easily unscrewed by grabbing the centre and twisting away from each other. If they are stuck, tap the pole lightly but smartly with a heavy object like a hammer and try again. Repeat until you have loosened the poles.

Remove the base from the floor.

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