How to Make Liquid and Powder Nail Acrylic at Home

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You can mix acrylic powder and liquid at home to form acrylic nails if you purchase an acrylic nail kit. An acrylic nail kit contains the items you will need to apply false nails.

If you decide to mix your own nail acrylic at home, you should follow the proper procedure so that you use the acrylic powder and liquid properly, have less waste of products and have the right consistency of acrylic to apply to your nails.

Read the instructions that came with your acrylic nail kit. You must know how to apply the nail tips and how to apply the acrylic mixture on the nail tips before beginning.

Fold a paper towel in half and lay it on top of the manicuring table.

Place both dappen dishes on the paper towel. Fill one dappen dish with acrylic powder and fill the other dappen dish with liquid, according to the measurement directions in your acrylic nail kit. Do not fill the dappen dishes with more acrylic liquid or powder than you think you will need, as this will result in wasting the acrylic products.

Apply the nail tips according to the instructions that came with your acrylic nail kit.

Dip the acrylic nailbrush into the acrylic liquid to saturate the brush. Wipe the brush lightly on the sides of the dappen dish to remove excess liquid. For a small acrylic powder ball, use less acrylic liquid on the brush, and, for a large ball, leave more acrylic liquid on the brush.

Hold the brush vertically and place it into the dappen dish that contains the acrylic powder. Slide the brush towards you to pick up the acrylic powder with the tip of the brush. A ball of acrylic powder will form on the tip of the acrylic nailbrush; make sure the ball of acrylic powder and liquid is the consistency of peanut butter.

Wipe the acrylic ball off of the brush and onto the paper towel if it does not have the consistency of peanut butter. Wipe both sides of the brush on the paper towel as if you were painting with a paint brush and try the process again. If the acrylic ball is too dry, your finished product will be brittle, and, if the acrylic ball is too thin or watery, the finished product will be fragile and soft.

Apply the acrylic liquid and powder ball to the nails and the nail tips. Follow any specific directions in your acyclic nail kit.

Clean the brush with the acrylic brush cleaner as soon as you notice the brush holding the acrylic or if the acrylic mixture starts to harden on the brush, as this may cause damage to your acrylic nail brush.