How to Bypass an Anonymous Call Blocker

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If your caller ID information is automatically blocked from being displayed when you place a call, your call may be rejected by lines equipped with Anonymous Call Blocker. Anonymous Call Blocker keeps incoming calls that do not display caller ID information from reaching a caller's phone.

A message is played informing the caller that the phone number does not accept anonymous calls. To bypass Anonymous Call Blocker on a landline or a mobile phone, you must use a special code.

Pick up the landline phone's handset.

Listen for a steady dial tone.

Dial "*82" and then listen for two quick beeps. The code must be used on a per-call basis.

Dial the phone number you are calling and then wait for the other party to answer the phone.

Dial "*82" and the phone number you are calling on the mobile phone's keypad.

Press the green phone key or the "Send" key to place the call.

Wait for the other party to answer the call.