How to prevent skylight window condensation

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Skylights bring in additional light and offer compelling nighttime views to the interior of the home. Occasionally the skylight may fog up or form condensation. Condensation occurs from excess humidity in the home, and differing temperatures inside and outside the house.

Removing humidity within the home reduces condensation and the threat of mildew and mould development around the skylight. Preventing skylight window condensation ensures you have a beautiful sky view every night and day.

Remove live plants from the room where the skylight is located. Plants give off liquid vapour adding to the humidity in a room.

Avoid allowing wet clothes to dry in a room with a skylight as they release liquid into the air.

Check the skylight for leaks around the edges. Gaps between the skylight window and the ceiling produce leaks that also contribute to condensation.

Place a dehumidifier in the room with the skylight. By running the dehumidifier you lower the humidity in the room, discouraging condensation on the skylight.

Install heat ceiling panels near the skylight. The heat dries the area around the skylight, keeping condensation from occurring.