How to Wash Converses

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According to, Converse's Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the best-selling basketball shoes of all time --- more than half of all Americans, the site reports, have owned a pair. In addition to the high-top basketball shoe, "Chucks" are also available in low-top and slip-on varieties. If you own canvas Converse (the majority of the shoes the company makes), you can wash them just as you would any other fabric, keeping in mind your shoes' colour and their rubber soles.

Remove your Converses' laces. Failure to do this can cause a number of problems: If your shoes are not white, the colour from them can bleed onto the laces if you wash them together. Even if they are white, the portion of your laces underneath your shoes' "tongues" won't be cleaned, which can reveal stains if you tie your Converses tighter or looser. Replace your laces with new ones or wash them separately.

Hand-wash your Converses with water and soap or detergent to remove small spots and stains. If you use a cloth or other tool, make sure it's clean and new.

Wash your Converses in a washing machine to clean them thoroughly or to remove stains you couldn't get by hand-washing. Fill your machine's basin with a mild detergent and set your load size to small --- you should wash your Converses by themselves. Place your shoes inside the basin once it has filled with cold water and wait until the end of the cycle. Inspect your Converses once the cycle is complete to ensure they are clean. If not, repeat this step.

Allow your Converses to air-dry at room temperature. Although this will take longer than using a machine or blow-dryer, it will prevent the rubber along the soles of your Converses from cracking or breaking. Hang your shoes in a warm, dry area and leave them until they are dry to the touch.

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