How to Connect a DVD Recorder to a Computer Network

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Some DVD recorders are equipped with jacks for connecting to computer networks so that you can burn PC content onto a multimedia disc connected to the network router.

On the back of your DVD recorder you'll find either a USB or Ethernet port for the network connection, which takes a standard cable, depending on the port type. USB-to-Ethernet adaptors are also available at electronics stores if your components are equipped with different ports.

Turn off the power to the DVD recorder and to the router.

Plug in one end of the data cable to the appropriate input port, either Ethernet or USB, on the back of the DVD recorder. Use an adaptor cable with a USB plug for the DVD recorder when connecting to a router with Ethernet ports if the DVD recorder does not have an Ethernet connection.

Connect the other cable plug to the back of the router.

Turn on the power to the equipment.

Access the DVD recorder on the computer network by clicking the start button on a PC desktop, selecting "Control Panel" and clicking the "Network and Internet" option to view devices on your network connected through the router.