How to Fix a Bad Display on a Zen Micro Photo 8GB MP3 Player

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A Zen Micro Photo 8GB is a pocket-sized MP3 player that plays music and stores digital photos. As with most other personal MP3 players, there is a square LCD display screen located on the upper half of the body of the device. It's from this screen that you navigate the MP3 player's various features, so if the screen becomes scratched or damaged it can render your Zen useless.

Turn the Zen Micro Photo over and slide the back battery cover off of the device. Lift the battery out of its compartment and set it aside.

Insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver in the seam on the top of the device and gently lift off the plastic guard to reveal two screws. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.

Press down on the metal plate at the bottom of the battery compartment until the back plastic frame of the Zen separates from the main body of the device. Set the frame aside.

Remove the back metal panel from the main body by popping the connector clips with the tip of your screwdriver. This exposes the green motherboard in the back of the body of the device.

Pull the six tabs on the sides of the motherboard back with the tip of your screwdriver to unlock the motherboard from the main body. Lift the motherboard up and unplug the LCD cable from the back of the board. Then lift the square hard drive from its compartment and set the motherboard and hard drive aside.

Pull the display screen gently from the front frame of the device and replace it with the new screen (available from your Creative Zen retailer or online) and reassemble your Zen Micro Photo 8GB player the same way you took it apart.

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