How to: PC to TV Bluetooth

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Most computers now come with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. This allows the computer the ability to connect to wireless equipment and devices. Additionally, many televisions also come with the Bluetooth feature as Bluetooth remotes do not require you to point the device at the television when in use.

Because of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to sync the PC and a TV together. This is done typically to upgrade the firmware in the television set, but also to send video information between the two devices.

Power on both the television and the computer system.

Bring up the television's main menu, then select "Options" and choose the "Bluetooth" feature. Select "On" to turn the Bluetooth on.

Click the "Start" button on the desktop, then choose "Control Panel." From the Control Panel window select the "Bluetooth" option, then click "Add Device."

Click "Device ready to be found," then click "Next" and the computer scans for any Bluetooth device available. Once it finds the television select it and click "Next."

Type in the four-digit pair code (listed in the TV's user manual), then click "OK" to pair the two devices together.