How to make magazine storage binders

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If you have a collection of your favourite magazines and you want to save them for future reference, you need a place to keep them so they don't take up valuable space and get damaged.

You can keep your magazines in a storage binder, which will hold them in place without the need for punching any holes in the magazines themselves. You can make your own binders for storing magazines with a few simple tools and supplies that you probably have lying around the house.

Buy a regular three ring binder wherever office or school supplies are sold. If you want store a year's subscription, make sure the binder is 3 inches thick. Purchase a smaller one if you don't want to store that many.

Measure and cut piece of heavy poster board to the height of the spine of the binder. It should measure about 1 1/2 inches wide. Wrap the strip with contact paper to make it last longer. Make more of these strips--one for each magazine that you want to store in the binder.

Hold the strips of cardboard wrapped in contact paper up to the rings and make marks with a marker 1/2 inch across the strips (on the left side) to show you where the rings line up. Punch holes in the markings with a heavy-duty hole punch.

Cut a 1/8-inch-wide strip, starting from the top of the strip, ending 1/4 inch away from the bottom edge and 1/2 inch inward on the right side. This is the piece that will be inserted into the pages of the magazines to hold them in place. Cover the cut edges with a strip of contact paper to make it stronger.

Open the three ring binder, feed the holes that you punched on the cardboard pieces through the open rings and close the metal rings. Slip the open end of the cardboard piece through the bottom of the magazine, close to the binding. Now your magazines will be held in place in the binder.