How to Copy & Paste a Word Document Into a PowerPoint

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Robert Gaskins invented PowerPoint in 1984. It first attracted venture capital from Apple and then later Microsoft made an acquisition. PowerPoint can be used to teach a class or help present a meeting. A PowerPoint presentation can be a visual aid for a generally boring meeting.

A Microsoft Word document can be used to create a presentation.

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Open the Microsoft Word program from the start menu located at the bottom left of the screen. It may also already be on your desktop.

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Select your saved document file.

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Open the file.

Select the text you want to copy by clicking the left side of the mouse and dragging across the text and highlighting it.

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Select "Copy" from the edit menu at the top of the left side of the window, or for a shortcut press the control key and the "C" key.

Open your saved PowerPoint document. Now both programs should be open.

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Find the particular slide in which you want to paste the text.

Place the cursor in the text box in the PowerPoint document.

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Go to edit and select "Paste" or press the control key and the "V" key

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Now that the task is completed make sure to save the file.