How to Add a Date Picker to a Microsoft Word 2003 Document

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Word documents are the standard files that contain information on documents, photos and graphs. Students, teachers and many professionals use Microsoft Word as their main desktop publishing software. There are options that allow the user to create a control object called a date picker. The date picker practically takes the guesswork or awkward calculating out of choosing a specific date. When someone reads your document and has to enter a date, they are able to pull up a mini calendar and choose the date for themselves. A date picker shows your proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word 2003.

Open the Microsoft Word 2003 document that you would like to add the date picker to. This can be achieved by going to "File" in the menu system and selecting the "Open" option. A file browser will come up and in that browser you can select the file that you want to use.

Go to the top of the Tools bar and click on the "View" button. Now roll the mouse down until you come to the "Forms" option. Click on the "Forms" option to bring the forms toolbar into view.

Click "Create a form" and choose the type of form. Three types of forms exist: a text-based form, a check box form and a drop-down field. In the form's data type section, which can be found under the data source pane, select "Date and Time." Click "View" on the data source option to bring up the data source pane if it is not showing up.

Use the mouse to right-click on the field that you want to add the date picker options to, and then click "Date Picker" on the shortcut menu. According to Microsoft, "If Date Picker is not listed on the shortcut menu, make sure that the field has a date, or date and time data type (data type: Property of a field that defines the kinds of data the field can store. Examples of data types include Text, Rich Text, Whole Number, Decimal, True/False, Hyperlink, Date and Time, and Picture). If the field has a text data type, you can still use a date picker by clicking 'More' on the shortcut menu, and then clicking 'Date Picker' in the Select a Control dialogue box."

Using the mouse, double-click on the form where the date picker has been inserted. Microsoft states, "To specify the way that the date is displayed on the form, double-click the date picker that was inserted on the form, click "Format" in the "Date Picker Properties" dialogue box, and then click the display format that you want in the 'Display the date like this' list."

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