How to Attach a Hole Saw to a Drill

saw image by Albert Lozano from

Projects often require that a large-diameter hole be drilled in wood, drywall and plastic. A hole saw can make this easier. Designed to be used with a battery-powered or electric drill, hole saws provide an efficient and convenient means of cutting holes.

Hole saws are commonly available in kits that include an assortment of saw sizes and a means to attach the saw to the drill.

Unplug an electric drill from the power source or remove the battery pack from a battery-powered drill.

Open the chuck of the drill so that the hole saw pilot drill can be inserted. Hand-tighten or use a chuck key to secure the pilot drill is held firmly in place.

Slide the hole saw onto the pilot drill. Secure the saw by sliding or latching the saw in place, depending on the manufacturer.

Connect the power supply to the drill and slowly start the drill, checking that the pilot drill and saw are straight and securely attached.