How Do I Replace a Wall Mounted Light Fixture?

wall light image by Adrian Hillman from

Wall-mount sconces and light fixtures come in all kinds of styles, but the installation process is the same. Replacing an old wall light with a new one usually is a matter of disconnecting two wires, then reconnecting them in the same configuration for the new light. You run the circuit off the same wall switch as the old fixture.

Turn off the power at the house circuit box.

Remove the screws that hold the old light to the wall; lower the fixture.

Disconnect the light wires from the wall wires by unscrewing the wire caps that are holding them.

Remove the mounting bracket of the old light from the wall electrical box. Leave the wires hanging from the wall. There generally is one black, one white and one bare copper grounding wire.

Locate the bracket for your new light and attach it to the box using the provided screws. Pull the wire ends out around the bracket.

Hook up the bare copper ground wire from the wall to the green ground screw on the mounting bracket, then tighten the wire.

Hold the new wall fixture near the box. Attach the wires from the fixture to the wires from the wall, black to black and white to white. Make the connections by holding the two ends of the wires next to each other and twisting a wire cap over them.

Set the fixture against the bracket, tucking the wiring into the box. Line up the screw holes and insert the provided screws. Put in a light bulb and turn on the power.

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