How to Reboot & Restore an Acer Aspire One Series

Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Acer Aspire One laptop computers were designed with an artistic mind. Their users can show off the Aspire One's sleek body and shiny paint job. Under the hood, however, the Aspire One works just like any other laptop. When you experience errors or other problems, you can use the System Restore utility in the Microsoft Windows operating system to restore the system to a previous time.

Click the Aspire's "Start" menu by opening the Microsoft Windows logo that is located in the left corner.

Insert the words "System Restore" into the white bar just above the Windows logo button.

Pick "Recommended Restore" to reboot the Aspire One to a previous, working time. Click "Finish" and the Aspire One will reboot to the recommended restore point.

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