Total Gym 1000 Setup Instructions

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The Total Gym 1000 offers over 1,000 different exercises for any type of workout. The Total Gym 1000 comes with a DVD and exercise booklet that helps you to pick out the best workout for your body. The machine's ability to fold up makes for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

The machine comes completely assembled and can be set up in a few minutes.

Lay the Total Gym 1000 flat on the floor. If it is in the box, slide it out of the box and lay it flat on the floor.

Locate the foot pad at the end of the machine and pull it out, toward you, from under the machine.

Lock the foot pad into place at the bottom of the device by pulling it forward until you hear it click, it will slide right into the correct position automatically.

Lift and pull the back support cushion up from the floor until it you hear it click into place. The machine will now be in a slanted position. A pin is located at the bottom of the device that will keep it in place automatically.

Lift the top of the machine toward you, where the cables are, by putting one foot on the support column and the other foot on the floor for leverage. You will hear the machine click into place as the cable bar locks. All of the cables come attached to the machine.