How to Wear-In Leather Jackets

genuine warm leather jacket with zipper image by JoLin from

A stylish leather jacket is a fashion statement that represents status and personality. From motorcycle enthusiasts to Hollywood stars like James Dean, leather jackets are a staple of fashion bearing connotations of confidence and toughness.

For many who choose to wear leather jackets, the look and smell of new leather, with its sharp lines and crisp texture, can ruin the rough-and-tumble image they search for. You can take some steps to make your jacket look worn in and slightly faded to enhance your tough look.

Fill a spray bottle with clean, warm water. Use filtered water if possible, so that any minerals or chlorine in your tap water do not stain your jacket.

Lightly spritz your leather jacket until the surface is damp, but not wet. Do not soak the jacket, as too much water can cause shrinkage.

Wear the jacket until it dries. Move your arms in natural positions, bending at the elbows or raising your arms over your head. Pump your arms while you walk. The moist leather will mould to your body and will develop wrinkles in the areas that your muscles move, making it look as though you have been wearing it for a long time.

Roll your jacket into a rough ball shape and tie it firmly with twine or string. Roll the ball around or even play catch with it. When you unroll the jacket, it will be wrinkled and more worn.

Rub areas where you want extra wear with low-grade steel wool to create wear marks or small scratches. Work very slowly and inspect your work often to avoid doing too much damage.

Wear your leather jacket whenever possible, inside and outside. There is no substitute for genuine wear and tear.