How to clear copy & paste

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Operating systems on a computer have built-in software that allows people to clear, copy and paste items in documents, and move that information to other places. Clearing, copying and pasting is quick and easy for anyone. Information that is copied is saved to a clipboard, so you can paste it in other sections of documents and other programs. The program that allows this is the Clear, Copy and Paste program, which is built into the operating systems on all types of computers.

Open a document in any word-processing program. Highlight some items in the document by clicking on a spot, holding the left mouse button and dragging the cursor arrow across the items you want to highlight. Release the mouse button.

Copy an item by right-clicking with the mouse on the highlighted area. In the pop-up menu, click "Copy." Move the cursor to the area where you want to insert the copied item. Right-click, and when the pop-up menu opens, click "Paste." The copied items appear in that spot. Paste the same item as many times as you want. The copied items are stored in your virtual clipboard until you copy a new item, and then it's replaced by the new item. The copy feature allow you to copy words, some items from the Internet, pictures, icons, folders and much more.

Clear an item by highlighting some part of the document you're working from, and right-click on the highlighted area. In the pop-up window click "Cut." The item that is highlighted will disappear, but it's not gone. The cut item is in your virtual clipboard, so you can paste the cut item somewhere else in the document later.

Paste an item by clicking "Edit," and click "Office Clipboard." A window appears on the right side of the screen with the previously copied or cut items. Click "Clear All," and all the items in the list will be deleted. If you want to paste the items, move the cursor to a place in your document, and click "Paste All." All the items in the list will be pasted to that point. Click on an individual item from the list, and the item is pasted where your cursor is flashing.

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